12 Years and Tears

12 Years and Tears

Those who know me know that I tend to tear up a fair bit. This is particularly true, as I’ve said elsewhere, when something inspires me, causes me to stand in awe, or just aligns with the Jesus way of living. For instance, recently I got all misty-eyed when Rhonda and I stopped to consider the response from our community in handling Rhonda’s arm injury. Just the words of support and prayers and tangible acts of service for us (from a “meal-train” to house-cleaning to deck building!) that were offered us was so beyond anything we could have expected – we were in awe as we watched the hands and feet of Jesus at work. It’s one of those beautiful times in which the church does exactly what the church is supposed to do and the only response is to stand there and, if you’re like me, get all emotional about it.

It’s no surprise then, that as Rhonda and I were driving home from our 12th anniversary date of blueberry picking this evening, we were listening to Ben Rector (by the way: great artist to listen to on any anniversary/date) singing “White Dress” – when this line caused a pronounced lump in my throat:

I never knew
That I could love someone
The way that I love you

Now, music is particularly effective at activating the tear ducts, but the moment was the culmination of a perfect storm. Not only was this song hitting all the right notes in speaking to the object of my affection, but it served as a catalyst to consider Rhonda: this incredibly beautiful woman who inspires me, causes me to stand in awe, and consistently models a Jesus way of living.

How does she inspire me? Recently she had her arm almost hacked off, potentially redirecting the course of her/our life forever. No exaggeration here: Rhonda has consistently modeled a positive and optimistic attitude the entire way through this journey. Yes there is a long road ahead with physio but I’m confident she will continue to thrive and inspire me and others who come along in this journey.

How does she cause me to stand in awe? Here:

August 14, 2016 at 0906PM
Rhonda is more captivating today than on our wedding day and she was really quite exceptional on our wedding day. I stand in awe at how beautiful she is and at how lucky I am to be hers.

And how does she model the Jesus way to me? Oh man, so many ways.  I’ll just share perhaps the main one: she is selfless. We all know that selflessness is the key to making a marriage thrive and yet we also all know how flipping hard being selfless is which is why, I suppose, marriage can be so flipping hard at times. I won’t deny there have been tough moments, but by far our marriage has been one of amazing joy throughout the last dozen years and I’ve no doubt this is in many ways due to Rhonda’s natural tendency to serve and sacrifice. The waves of her selflessness are felt in every corner and crevice of our home.

Anyway, all this to say, Rhonda’s the best. I love getting choked up listening to sappy music with her. She really does make my life great. So here’s to 12 amazing years and to many more beautiful and inspiring times ahead…

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    1. Thanks Daner. The same can be said for you two. I’ve always said that one of the reasons our marriage is what it is is because we surround ourselves with healthy couples who inspire us.

  1. Way to go, you two…here’s to many more years of blessing! Loved spending time with you and Maddy at the family reunion!

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