In Grade 9 I wrote a short story that prompted a teacher to write on the back of my paper she would not be surprised if one day she saw my name on the Bestsellers list. The memory of the short story itself has long faded but the vividness of my teacher’s words written in red pen remain. I’m not sure I have the gift that my teacher thought I did but I do enjoy writing and endeavour to improve on it. And that’s what this blog is – basically me working on getting thoughts and ideas down in a written word. Most of my thoughts and ideas happen to be about God and life and figuring out how the two intersect.

I’m trying to live a good story with my life. Part of that process is honing in on things that I enjoy, am passionate about, and maybe have an inclination toward – and then taking these things and using them to make the world better. I want writing to be that. I want writing to be an integral part of living a good story.

Feel free to follow me and provide dialogue on stuff that’s written here. I’d be into that.


About Me

I’m married to Rhonda Bill.
We have two boys born in 2009 and 2011 and one girl born in 2013.
We live in Canada.
I studied Theology and Communications in school.
I work in digital communications for this public health organization.
We were in the Bahamas for 4 years, teaching elementary and high school, and then did some missionary/humanitarian work for a short stint in Bolivia in 2008. Occasionally we return to the Bahamas for short visits/ministry and always relish our time there.
That’s probably sufficient.